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As the Worship Pastor at Saddleback Church, serving alongside Pastor Rick Warren for nearly 25 years, Rick has lead worship for 20,000 attendees weekly, and has coached over 150,000 pastors and church leaders from 60 denominations from over 100 countries.

Rick is the Author of The Worship Answer Book and has recorded 13 CD’s including:

More Than Music (2009 Produced by Keith Everett Smith)

It’s Christmas (2004 Produced by Tony Guerrero)

West Coast Worship * (2003 – w/ Rick Muchow, Produced by Tony Guerrero)
One Nation Under God: a patriotic collection (2001 – w/ Rick Muchow)

Sounds Of Saddleback, Vol. 1 (2001 – Produced by Rick Muchow )

All About Love (2000 – Produced by Rick Muchow)

Healing Grace Alive @ Saddleback  (1998 – Produced by Rick Muchow)

Promises  (1997 – Produced by Rick Muchow)

Home  (1995 – Produced by Rick Muchow, Tom Tomasello & John Andrew Schreiner)

Songs Of Saddleback  (1993 – Produced by Stan Endicott)



From The Worship Of Music To The Music Of Worship

Rick was born in San Pedro, California in 1957. At six years old, he and his mother moved to Greenwich Village, the famous community of artists, actors, and musicians located in lower New York City. It was in this environment that Rick learned to play the guitar, started singing, and discovered something called musical theater.

At the age of 13, Rick moved to San Jose, California in 1970. He utilized his talents throughout the community by playing his guitar and singing, but his true love was still musical theater. Not surprisingly, God used Rick’s passion for theater to open up his eyes to the Gospel. In 1975, during his senior year, he was performing in the hit musical Godspell when one of his friends explained to him the meaning behind the musical production. Rick became a Christian that year.

Rick’s attitude toward music was one of the first areas of his life that God began to change. Rick had always thought of music as means of getting what he wanted. In his own words, music was “a god” to him. But all of that changed when his guitar was stolen during the summer after he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Suddenly there was a great void in his life. It was a void that Rick eventually learned to fill with Christ. His guitar was returned only after he clearly saw that his first priority in life had to be God. Rick remembers: “Music was a god I worshipped, but now music is a means to worship God.”
After graduating from high school, Rick attended San Jose City College with a view toward majoring in music. Throughout these years he toured with a Spanish gospel singing group called Gospel Expressions. Although Rick could not speak Spanish, which meant that he could not sing any of the songs, he was blessed with an opportunity to play his guitar for the group. God used this experience to teach Rick another major lesson: a music minister does not have to be in the spotlight to serve Christ.

In 1979 he graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in music, after which he was asked by Mike McGuffee, senior pastor of Warm Springs Baptist Church in California, to join McGuffee’s church as the music and youth minister. It was during his two years at Warm Springs that Rick received an assurance from God that his life’s purpose was to be a full time music minister.
From Warm Springs, Rick traveled to Gilroy, California, where he went on staff as music minister at the First Baptist Church under the leadership of senior pastor Dr. Thurman George. After 4 1/2 years, Rick left First Baptist Church to tour America in concert. This approach to ministering lasted only for a brief period of time. Rick’s wife, Laura, expressed a desire to raise their family in a home rather than having to continue coping with the ordeal of life on the road. Fortunately, it was at about this same time that Pastors Rick Warren and Glen Kruen from Saddleback Church approached Rick and asked him if he would consider coming on staff.

In September 1987, Rick joined the staff of Saddleback Church. At that time there were 5 volunteer musicians, a secretary, Rick and a congregation of 1500.  There was no music program to speak of, and because the church did not have its own building, the ministry had to rehearse in various church member homes.  That year, the church experienced its largest numeric growth ever and expanded to 3000 members.  Under Rick’s leadership, more than 1000 volunteers were involved in Saddleback’s worship ministry.  Rick was shepherding and managing a worship ministry larger than most churches and providing music, sound, lights and video for 12 Worship weekly services on campus and 6 Regional  campuses.

Rick left his staff position at Saddleback Church March 2012 and since has been leading worship, coaching leaders, writing articles and worship songs.

www.Rickmuchow.com offers Free Coaching through practical Ask Rick Worship articles, daily Facebook and Twitter posts, and our monthly newsletter. Additional coaching with Rick is now available through the Coaching Subscription.
The Coaching Subscription offers personal mentoring and services designed to enhance your personal ministry and/or ministry team.

A personal message from Rick

“I believe that Leading Worship is first a calling and then a skill to be developed. I am excited for the opportunity to share my 30 years of Worship Leading experience with you and your ministry.
My coaching is practical and transferable. While every church is unique, there are principles that will bring success in every environment. I know how to build teams, lead congregations in worship and produce events in churches of all sizes and shapes ranging from very small to over 45,000 people in stadium events. I understand most of the challenges worship leaders face navigating the waters of worship ministry and I would be honored to work with you.

Rick Muchow Facts:


Wife, Laura; Children: Brandon, Logan, Jordan, Megan, Nolan


Bachelor of Arts in Music – San Jose State University

Associates Degree in Music – San Jose City College


Various Purpose Driven Life (2002 – Maranatha)

Ron Kenoly’s We Offer Praises (1999 – Integrity)

Ron Kenoly’s Majesty (1998 – Integrity)

Don Moen’s Let Your Glory Fall (1997- Integrity)

Ron Kenoly’s Welcome Home (1996 – Integrity)

Ron Kenoly’s Sing Out With One Voice (1995 – Integrity)

Ron Kenoly’s Lift Him Up (album & video – 1993 Integrity) GOLD-CERTIFIED

Maranatha Praise #14 “I Will Celebrate” (1990 & 1999 – Maranatha)

Various Artists R&B Christmas (Unison)

Psalty/Ernie & Debbie Rettino – The Fruit Song (Word Kids – wrote and sang)

Solomon The Supersonic Salamander – Telling The Truth (1992 – Word Records)

(Rick was the voice for both Solomon and his arch nemesis Bo Evil!)


”All About Love” from All About Love, SD Vol. #21 (July/August 2000)

“Healing Grace” from Healing Grace, SD Vol. #16

“For I Know” from Promises, SD Vol. #15

“The Wonders of God” from Songs of Saddleback, SD Vol. #2


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