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As for me I’ll walk with thee forever There is no place I’d rather be forever Through the storm of life or total peace I will be right beside my king As for me I’ll always seek forever A way to be an offering forever May my heart reflect a desperate need A desperate need for you my King Forever …

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Here I am, again In search of healing water To cleans my shame and my sin Here I am, broken In search of my Creator To mend my heart once again And I know, He holds the world in His hands And because those hands are scared from sin His love will never end This is the request of a …

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There’s nothing Not even one thing That I’d rather do Than serve You my Master No pleasure No treasure Nothing on earth I live for You alone Here’s my heart, and I gladly give it Into Your arms, I commit my spirit Take my heart, take my mind, take my life, I’m Yours Jesus

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I am longing, I am searching for the place where You make me new There You’re dying, to remind me that there’s life in You And I don’t know why You came Just to mark a sinner: saved All the Fathers love You gave So that I could stand and say Mercy found more than sin in me Grace took …

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Fighting to breathe in all the wrong circumstances There’s something beneath that sees thru my pias stances I’ve tried to please while guarding my insecurities Hoping they wont see this dying soul inside of me I find in you More than I’ve ever needed My heart once a tomb Simply is captivated I’m alive in You Finding the words praying …

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There’s a fountain filled with blood Drawn from His veins And sinners plunge beneath that flood To lose their guilty stains The dying thief rejoiced to see The fountain on his day And here we may though vile as he Wash our sins away So let us come to the fountain, lay at the cross Let us bow in total …

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A righteous generation Lord we want to be A righteous generation Lord we want to be As we lift our hearts to heaven in one accord We’ll leave out earthly reputation the righteous generation of the Lord We live for You, we know that You’re here, we know that You’re here We live for You oh Lord We live for …

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Where did I go? How did I get here? I feel like I’m close to losing my mind Deep down I know, the core of all my fears Are finally at rest when you are inside So I call out to you… Beyond the scars, you see my heart My identity my soul is dry And thirsts for who you …

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Come meet with us splendor of your amazing love spirit of the holy one we invite you here Breath of life Come restore the dead inside Create in us a heart that’s right We invite you here We will use your love for your great cause Not for ourselves but for a world in need We will use your love …

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If everyone who said they believed Believed in You If everyone who said that they follow Follow You Then why are there so few Listening to You Others may not want to hear You But I do You say and I’ll go Wherever You need me to I believe in You I believe in You If everyone who said that …

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