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Do you teach on what it means to worship in the corporate setting?

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From Michael Mason serving in St. Marys, GA 

QUESTION:Teaching About Worship?

There has been much made about the role of the Worship Leader. What about the education of the Church body? Do you teach on what it means to worship in the corporate setting? Do you educate on why one might raise their hands, close eyes?



This past year at Saddleback, we did a four week series on Worship at our weekend services. Along with the sermons, Pastor Rick Warren recommended two books for our congregation to study in their small groups or in their personal study time: a wonderful book that I’ve recommended often in this column called “The Way of the Worshipper” by Buddy Owens, and my book, “The Worship Answer Book.” This topic is part of what led me to write “The Worship Answer Book.”

The teaching that I do during our regular weekend services is mainly specific instruction to the worship teams and then through the team and my own example, we model worship for the congregation. I don’t really “preach” on worship during our regular services, unless we have a series related reason or topical tie in. We also have a monthly worship night that is geared to the believer where we teach worship principles as well as sing together, take communion and have an in-depth prayer time. .

I wrote “The Worship Answer Book” because of my desire to answer people’s most commonly asked questions about worship. I really felt a calling to teach more on this topic. The book features 54 answers divided into 7 sections: Basics of Worship, Worship in the Bible, Personal Worship, Music & More, Group Worship, Leading & Managing Worship, and Change & Conflict in Worship. It is written for anyone who is interested in worship: the entire church as well as seekers. My prayer is that it will help deepen people’s understanding of and joy in worship.

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