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Invite Rick to:

  • Lead Worship with Your Ministry Team
  • Lead Worship Team Retreats/Workshops
  • Conference Speaker/Worship Leader
  • Worship Night (with your band or Rick’s)
  • Coach your team
  • Consult with Senior Pastor and Worship Leader

Workshops include:

  • What is Biblical Worship?
  • Biblical Words of Worship
  • 13 Things I Think About When I’m  Leading Worship (MORE THAN MUSIC)
  • How To Live a Life Of Worship
  • 12 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Worship Service (Connecting The Crowd and Performance Excellence)
  • The Worship Service Make-Over
  • Essential Values For Worship Leaders
  • How To Build An Effective Worship Service
  • What Jesus Taught About Worship

Additional Teachings:

  • Worship Defined
  • More Than Music We Are a Family
  • Leading Worship
  • Leading Your Staff
  • Working with Your Pastor and Church Staff
  • Leading In Different Worship Styles
  • How To Develop an Effective Order of Worship
  • How to Choose Songs For The Worship Service
  • How to Transition your churches music style
  • Choosing Songs that Fit the Message
  • Stage Presence
  • Communication with Staff and Team
  • The Audition
  • The Soundcheck
  • The Rehearsal
  • How to transition between songs
  • Worship and Church Growth Strategy
  • Evangelistic Worship
  • Cultural Relevance
  • Corporate Prayer
  • Putting the Worship Service Together
  • Evaluating For Excellence

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“I have never met or even seen anyone on this planet who worships God with a more contagious joy and genuine humility than Rick Muchow. He is a living example of what it means to be filled with passion and gratitude for Jesus. His enthusiasm and authenticity continually push me toward deeper intimacy with God.”

Pastor Rick Warren, Founder of Saddleback Church

“Rick Muchow is a friend of God. His personal walk with the Lord, forged through the fires of pain, loss, and sorrow, is strong. He has found God to be a refuge in times of trouble, and the Source of the joy that explodes when he leads us in worship.”

Kay Warren, cofounder of Saddleback Church
Author of Choose Joy and Say Yes To God

“I’m a HUGE Rick Muchow fan! He’s a brilliant musician and leader, but in addition he has a love for Jesus that radiates in everything he does. If you use him… be prepared, revival is bound to break out. I had the privilege of working with him for 20 years and he’s one of the few leaders who is the same up close as he is on stage.”

Doug Fields
Pastor To Students (Saddleback Church 18 years)
Founder of Simply Youth Ministry

“Rick has been such an asset to me, to the music ministry, and to our church as a whole!  Both friend and mentor, Rick has imparted spiritual and organizational wisdom to us that has shaped our direction as a ministry and contributed to our growth.  He has a vital relationship with God that’s as rich as his exceptional ministry experience.  

He has an ability to bring out the best in an individual, a band, and a congregation.  With his relaxed and energetic style, he draws a crowd into worship almost effortlessly.  He can see and skillfully manage the big picture (our music ministry has 150 members!) and still communicate care and value to each team member.  Our team gets so excited when they hear Rick is coming to our church again – because each time we become better players, better singers, better people – better worshipers – and a better team because of his investment.” 

Tim Gavigan (Associate Pastor/Worship Pastor – Glad Tidings San Francisco)

“I’ll never forget the first time that I attended the Saddleback’s Worship Conference and set in several of the classes that you taught. The information that you shared was very practical and was something that I could take back and adapt to my environment very easily.

I also thought to myself “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have Rick come to our campus, lead worship on the weekend and speak into our entire Arts Department”? I wasn’t sure if you would be able to commit due to your busy schedule but 5 years later we have had you every year.

Thank you Rick for your friendship, your leadership, and your gifts.

Pastor Rick Robinson

World of Arts Pastor
Cathedral of Faith, San Jose Ca


“I first heard Rick Muchow’s encouraging voice on the other end of my phone in the late 1980’s, when I called him to sign one of his songs for an upcoming Integrity Music’s recording. A few years later I met him in person at my first Christian Artists conference in Colorado, and realized that his enthusiastic and encouraging nature radiated from every fiber of his being. I’ve never seen the gift of encouragement so fully embodied in one person. And it’s no fluke that his ministry, publishing and record label go by the name of Encouraging Music.  Full disclosure: as you can tell I’m a pretty big Rick Muchow fan, and it was a call from Rick in 2000 (when he was Saddleback Church’s Worship Pastor) that was the genesis for launching Christian Copyright Solutions.

Susan Fontaine Godwin
Christian Copyright Solutions


“Rick Muchow is not only a great worship leader with incredible experience, but a true leader who loves people. His expertise runs the gamut, from working with the worship team, the pastor, the worship leader or teaching the entire Church on worship. Rick Muchow is a gift to the body of Christ in Worship training. Rick is great at contextualizing a program that fits each team based on where the Church, the Worship Leader and the Worship Team are in their worship development.”

Stephanie Coleman
Worship Conference and Service Producer


“Rick Muchow is a man that you can trust to teach, lead, and encourage your worship team. His combination of worship theology training, vocal and instrumental instruction, and musician/technical team relationship building will refreshen and energize a worship ministry to truly be what God has created each of them to be… sold out worshippers ready to lead their congregations into the throne room of Heaven.”

Will Chapman
Media Outreach Minister
Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church
Allen, TX

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