The Worship Answer Book

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Answering 54 important questions submitted by Worship Leaders, Pastors and Worshippers, the Worship Answer Book explains what worship is from a biblical viewpoint. Topics include: The Basics of Worship, Worship in the Bible, Personal Worship, Music and Arts in Worship, Group Worship, Leading and Managing Worship teams and Change/Conflict in Worship.

Worship Leader Magazine Review:

“In the world of journalism and writing, there is a stylebook, written by William Strunk and E. B. White, that all writers will probably read a dozen times throughout their lives – The Elements of Style. The Worship Answer Book could have easily been called The elements of Worship and gotten away with it. It’s short precise, surprising in the amount of ground it covers and should be read yearly by worship leaders.

The questions offer answers that are biblically well supported as well as being fascinating. Everything from music styles in the Bible to how someone can lead worship when they are feeling down has a place in the pages of this book. It also must be said that the art, color and visual craftsmanship of The Worship Answer Book are definite bonuses. Where too much production on a typical theology book may distract the reader, with the beautiful arrangement of the WAB and the overall feel, it’s a perfect fit. Pick this one up for teaching others about worship, as well as to keep on your own bookshelf to read over and over throughout your ministry.”

Creator Magazine Review:

“This book is worthy of being taught in a Bible Study on Worship, Prayer Meeting, a series of Choir Devotionals on Worship, and other creative ways to inform your people why and how to worship. I believe that the reason we are having so much controversy about worship in our churches is because as staff leaders, we have not taught our people the principles of worship! Muchow’s book will help you do this. This book was an eye-opener for me. It answered many questions that have lingered in my heart and mind for many years.

The questions in THE WORSHIP ANSWER BOOK came from believers, church leaders, family, friends and people all over the world. All answers to the many questions are drawn from God’s Word – know that in advance. Muchow outlines a four-part foundation for the doctrine of worship:

  • Biblical worship must be done in love. No love—no worship. (1 Corinthians 13)
  • Biblical worship is always accompanied by humility and reverent fear. (Isaiah 66:2)
  • Biblical worship is commanded by God. (Luke 10:27)
  • Biblical worship involves surrendering your entire life as an offering to God. (Romans 12:1)

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